1. Yes, this is a materialistic country. Religion is used not practiced. However, regarding the bag of potato chips -- any time your food is in a box or or a bag, you are not just paying for the food, you are also paying to have it prepared for you and you will pay more. Shop the produce aisles and cook your own food and you will pay less. Also, potato chips and other high salt or high sugar, processed food is very bad for your health. Don't even buy it.
    January 13, 2013 8:31 am on Pursuit of almighty dollar is not good for our nation
  2. An Islamic school in Indianapolis received $70,000 in vouchers last year. It was the second highest number of vouchers going to a school in this state so we don't need to ask Mississippi. This is not a left wing paper and the voucher system is being proposed by the Republican party everywhere because they want people to be able to send their students to private schools. My children went to a private high school which I paid for so I can understand that desire. However, I see the problem as taking money from the public schools and giving it to the private school. The student can go to the private school for a month and then return to the public school but the money stays with the private school. There are flaws in the current plan. Private school tuition should be either a tax deduction or a tax credit and not a direct payment from public school funds.
    November 26, 2012 7:33 am on EDITORIAL: Court should vouch for school vouchers law
  3. The problem is not about gun control. Forget about traditional gun control. If this guy had a middle eastern last name and he bought that much fire power, the police would have investigated and this would have never happened. He got away with it because he did not fit a profile. If someone (anyone) buys a lot of allergy meds, the police are on it regardless of the person's background because of meth. We need the same attitude when someone quickly buys a lot of firepower. This is not about guns. It is about behavior.
    July 22, 2012 10:36 am on Police: Colo. suspect planned attack for months
  4. According to the Post Tribune the incident started when the boys took the girl's bike, beat it with sticks, let the air of the tires, and threw it into the water. She retaliated by throwing the chair into the water. Then the boys started shooting the girls with BBs and pushing them into the water and not letting them come out. This was after 7 PM at night and I imagine that water was pretty cold. Why was this not even reported to the police until the next day?
    April 28, 2012 10:57 am on Police: Preteen boys held girls in creek, shot them with BB guns
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