1. It's sad to read comments that people have forgotten that God has not changed. He is the same yesterday,today and forever.His laws and justice have not changed, they came from His mouth and are irrevocable. We should not take advantage of His mercy nor should we act like we are more merciful than He is. An eye for an eye simply means "let the punishment fit the crime." Israel never went around poking peoples eyes out, they simply were to have a justice system that weighed the evidence( with witnesses), and carry out Gods justice. Your life was not taken if you stole or cheated someone, scripture was clear on the punishment for many sins. Try governing with the same punishment for jaywalkers as well as murderers. There are consequences for our actions. I have heard testimonies in the past of convicted men,who in genuine repentance, confessed that they understood that they deserved the penalty that they had been given and decided not to fight for their freedom. These men understood forgiveness and justice go hand in hand.When we understand Gods forgiveness and justice it should lead us to repentance and to cling to Him for mercy. Let the punishment fit the crime and send the message that life is important and that sin is to be dealt with. Looks to me that getting out in less than half of the judgement time does not send the message that we value life.
    August 08, 2012 11:12 pm on Paula Cooper: Convicted of murder at 15, a Gary woman prepares for her 2013 release
  2. As a family member of Ruth Pelke I would like to thank those of you who do remember many important FACTS about this case.Thank you for bringing them to attention even though the writer seemed to forget how to write a balanced story. Bill Pelke speaks for himself but not the whole family. I have forgiven,but this is not about forgiveness.This is about Justice! Even Paul wrote that those in authority bear the sword for a reason.We ought not to commit such a heinous crime out of love for our Father,but when that does not deter such a godless person than the government has the duty to protect us from such violence.This punishment does NOT fit the crime.
    July 16, 2012 6:36 pm on Paula Cooper: Convicted of murder at 15, a Gary woman prepares for her 2013 release
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