1. First, I knew of Temores, I didn't know him personally, when he was in high school. He was, and apparently still is, an arrogant jerk and a complete waste of space with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It's no surprise that he's in this situation, and facing a lot of jail time.

    That said, I think all the legal "scholars" commenting here need to try actually reading the law and informing yourselves before talking at length on a subject you know absolutely nothing about. Judges, juries, prosecutors, police and defense attorneys each play a role in enforcing the laws in our system of justice. None of them creates law, that is the job of the General Assembly in Indiana. You want professionals who do their respective jobs with a detached professionalism, as each of them has up to this point. You DO NOT want any part of the justice system being a loose cannon, because at some point YOU or someone you love will be the victim of such injustice. The system is working like it's supposed to. Bail is determined by law, not whimsy. When Temores violated the terms of his bond, his bond was revoked, and he's now back in jail. So what's with all the phony outrage? The jury system of justice that we have is a good system, though admittedly not always perfect. It may be slow and frustrating, but it's the fairest system of justice in the world. I understand people are upset at what happened, but we operate a system of justice, NOT revenge. How we each may personally feel about the defendant is and should be irrelevant. He's entitled to his day in court, where he will no doubt be convicted and given an appropriate sentence at that time. This process is to enforce the law. It isn't about making you, or even the victim's family, feel better. It's not even about protecting individual members of society. The law is in place to maintain order for the benefit and protection of society as a whole. The justice system sees society as a straight line. When a bump appears on that line, it's the job of the justice system to pound it back into place again. Temores is in the process of being dealt with. Be patient, and justice will be served.
    November 02, 2012 11:10 pm on Bond revoked for multiple offender charged in DUI death
  2. Listen to all the homophobes here. This was clearly a gay slur on the part of the Councilman. Attempts to paint it otherwise only make the apologists for this kind of thinking look even more foolish than they already do. At the very least, this was unprofessional and inappropriate at a council meeting. There was a time when consideration for others, good manners and etiquette were part of good citizenship. It appears the wing-nut crowd with their phony rage and easily offended sensibilities are only outraged and offended when it's one of their own. Hypocrites, the whole lot of you.
    May 24, 2012 10:09 am on County Council member accused of making anti-gay remark
  3. Actually, studies have shown that Republicans are the ignorant and misinformed and represented by conservatives and Faux news viewers. If you need further proof, Informed American capitalized Republican, as any intelligent person would do. You, on the other hand, did not capitalize Democrat, thus demonstrating once again that people who make snarky comments on web sites are not always the brightest.
    May 24, 2012 9:32 am on County Council member accused of making anti-gay remark
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