1. I think thats why you see the deep money suits looking at an possilble lease agreement . Moneywise , general aviation operations are small potatoes , Allegiant will most likely offer more destinations once the runway is expanded but that will still be an small operation . Freight operations are a non starter because most air freighters need at least a 10000 ft. runway, are more expensive to operate and new generation passenger aircraft can carry as much freight along with a full load of passengers . The only reason that I can see why these investment firms are interested in the airport is with the expansion of the runway , they could entice Southwest ( the whale ) to move away from Midway . Midway cannot be expanded and from an operational standpoint Southwest has to operate flights to Denver and other western cities with weight penalties, hence less profit margins , during the summer months from Midway . Southwest has always had plans to fly to Mexico and the Caribbean and thru the purchase of Airtran they are flying to some of these destinations, although with small profit margins, and will add more of these destinations in the future . Looking at things from a pure operational standpoint , an 8900 ft runway would allow Southwest to operate their aircraft without any weight restriction to all of these destinations . Im not sure of the lease argeement language Southwest has with Midway but if one of these firms would approach Southwest with an attractive financial proposal to build a terminal and other airfield improvements , i'm sure they would listen . Chicago could counter with an offer of " lost revenue guarantees " , but that would be tens if not hundreds of millions dollars a year .
    March 24, 2013 3:26 pm on Big investment fish eye Gary airport
  2. Warsaw Native , thats not gonna happen . the languge to have state control over the airport has been removed from SB 585 . I'm sure that that Pence received legal advice that the Airport Compact would prevent that .
    March 23, 2013 9:56 pm on Big investment fish eye Gary airport
  3. Warsaw Native and BigDon , the Chicago Gary Airport Compact of 1995 made the state's proposal to take over the airport DOA . I've seen reports that TBI plc and Heathrow Airport Holdings have looked at a possible airport lease agreement . To see big money investors showing an interest in the airport and the aborted state takeover attempt confirms to me that an " whale " may be interested in moving to the airport .
    March 23, 2013 2:53 pm on Big investment fish eye Gary airport
  4. You are right GLYPORTAGE , the numbers for Valpo are inflated due to flight training operations . If a flight student takes off , makes five touch and go's and then lands , that flight cycle would count as six landings and six takeoffs , that's how the FAA counts flight operations . Most of the flights at the Gary airport are point to point flights .
    February 28, 2013 5:13 pm on Possible Gary tower closing has Allegiant looking at options
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