1. Long overdue too
    January 05, 2013 8:49 pm on BILL MASTERSON JR.: Simple tax reform is needed
  2. What? "the way of Washington"? Where's the outrage? Are we to accept this gross ineptness as "normal"? These bottom feeders make a mockery of our hard earned money with their abuses. "And the money keeps rolling in" (all the way to the bank!) All the reasons in the world will not convince me that more of our hard-earned money will be enough for them. We had a good system in place until 1913. 100 years ago this coming December wage slavery started. I hate to say that I'm engaging in this conversation because it shouldn't even be on the table. But because it is, my solution to the need for more funds to service the public debt is to cut the "motivating" salaries for our elected officials and their offices. In that way, fewer people would want to be hired by them thereby lowering the payroll, which by the way, has seen the greatest job increases as of late. Has anyone else noticed this "IN YOUR FACE" attitude? They know the money's not there but they keep increasing the payroll. How can this be done except on your back? Give them more money via taxes? NO WAY!
    January 05, 2013 8:42 pm on BILL MASTERSON JR.: Simple tax reform is needed
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