1. Here's from Ben & Jerry's website:

    They confirm their support of the Occupy Movement...on their web site. That's a very strong political stance to make. But obviously, that's okay. In other words, it's okay for a company to have an opinion, as long it is in keeping with Political Correctness. Free of speech for me, but not for you if you don't agree with P.C.
    August 04, 2012 12:21 am on Crowds jam Hobart Chick-fil-A on politically charged Appreciation Day
  2. What's the matter with everyone! Everyone's missing the point. This isn't pro-marriage between a man and a woman or anti-gay. The issue here is government sticking their nose where it doesn't belong! I personally lean right. And I have absolutely no issues with gays. What I have an issue with is government intervention.

    For example, Ben and Jerry's have been a totally liberal-leaning company. There hasn't been any outcry about the owners' personal beliefs. But if a corporate owner has right-leaning beliefs, there should be this hysteria? Please. Do as I do when I go to choose my ice cream...I pass over Ben and Jerry's and choose something else!

    It's called living in a free country. I (and you) have the right to choose. Exercise that right.

    I am starting to tire of those lefties thinking they know best for me, however! I guess I'm just a stupid *ss and couldn't form my own opinion, if not for them telling me how I should think! No one is talking about Mayor Bloomberg in NYC. He knows how much pop I should drink. And now he's decided (for me) that I should breast feed my baby - 'cause that's what he's decided is best dont-you-know! The lefties gripe about super right-wingers. They need to examine their own goals!
    August 03, 2012 11:48 pm on Crowds jam Hobart Chick-fil-A on politically charged Appreciation Day
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