1. Ok the "concerned citizens" of Griffith have a rally for the demoted officers standing room only and what does the stupid Times do puts a picture of a Portage resident holding a sign on the front page!

    I just think the whole thing is a little ridiculous. Even apparently some of the officers have agreed with the decision. Saying there have been ongoing problems.

    If the concerned citizens are so concerned they would be worried about 4 murders, the shootings, the gangs not the demotion of two guys who didn’t loose their jobs.

    It just makes me so mad because I am afraid to come home from my mom’s at night because of the corner of Ridge and Arbogast. Nothing but hoodlums in groups hanging around and sitting in their cars in the lot of the strip mall. Then they walk right in front of you daring you to hit them.

    Wake up fellow residents we don't live in Mayberry anymore and there are real crimes in our town.
    November 09, 2012 8:51 am on Residents rally to support ousted Griffith police chief, executive officer
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