1. I was crossing 2 and saw all the lights and the gas station attendant said it was a couple car pile up and they were there all night so I knew it was bad and had to have envolved an extrication. Prayers to those involved and their families. Thanks go out to the responding crews and hospital staff.
    July 07, 2012 6:37 pm on Lowell boy, 4, killed in three-vehicle crash
  2. Fireworks accidents, although most often preventable, they are still accidents. Why slander a man that just lost his life. It's not like he was juggling some fireworks with lit fuses. He was not chasing his firends with roman candles. It was an accident. I feel so sorry for his family and friends. I could not even behin to imagine what those that witnessed it are going through. It is hard to imagine what it looked like and how his struggle went for those hours before he was pronounced dead. I saw many comments regarding him suffering or not. He was pronounced due to brain death. I do not know if that was a result of the explosion or poor vitals. I would like to believe that it was a instant lights out for Nick. I would not have wanted him to suffer and worry. I would like to think his last moments were happy and he was having fun. I grew up next door to him for 14yrs of our youth. We had our good times and our bad as any children would growing up. We lived on a dead end road so it really was just our group of kids that lived in the last three houses. He had a very unique laugh that I will never forget. And he had a strong will and hard work ethique. He worked very hard every summer doing stuff around the yard and such. I lost contact with him over the years as we moved away from eachother and I am sorry for that. Rest peacefully my friend. You were almost like a brother all those years. I could only imagine what you could have done with your life given the opportunity to continue it. It is hard not to mourn. But the Nick I knew, he would rather his life celebrated. I gonna miss that smile but I will always have the memories.
    July 07, 2012 1:45 pm on Lowell man killed when fireworks cartridge explodes in his face
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