1. So because he did some good, that is supposed to excuse all the bad he has done and the people he has hurt? Yes, JS had wealthy friends who gave him massive amounts of money to do good with. He did provide financial aid at HIS church’s schools to students who couldn't afford HIS tuition. He then he used those students for his own and the church's benefit in countless ways.The cheering, adoring, impressionable young people inflated his own ego. He did start a substance abuse treatment program in Hammond. Soon the men and women who became a part of it were expected to work for him and the church for next to nothing. So much of the good he did also had an alternative, selfish motive or agenda. Often he did that which served to further his ministry or legacy. He boasted and bragged about what he accomplished with others money and still is. Now he hopes to persuade the judge these works prove he is someone he is not.

    Page 14 of this memoranda - Reputation and Aberrant Behavior states: All those who know Dr. Schaap, whether family, friend, community member,parishioner, or pastor, believe him to be a good man, a man who acted completely outof his character and contradictory to everything his life had theretofore stood for ratherthan an evil man who had only just been uncovered by the government." This is a FALSE statement! Those who knew him well knew him to be arrogant, hot tempered, vulger at times, and he often exhibited obvious sexual overtones in his speech, behavior and preaching. That is why in a church with a membership of close to 20,000 they could find only 140 people to write letters on Jack Schaap's behalf. If the judge looked carefully he would see that the majority of those people were either family or they were employeed by Schaap and may have been more interested in keeping their jobs. Maybe the silent testimony of the 19,860 members who refused to speak on his behalf dispite being encouraged to do so is more truthful and telling.
    January 06, 2013 3:06 pm on Jack Schaap sentencing memorandum
  2. Please think very carefully before you throw the baby out with the bathwater. First Baptist is far from being what it should be, even right now, months after all that has happened their attitudes and actions suggest the leadership and some members have learned very little. But there are a whole bunch of humble, compassionate, real, and genuine Christian people and pastors in the world. Don't let a church who has lost it's vision of who Christ is and how he desires us to live, alter, misrepresent or destroy what is true and good.
    January 05, 2013 9:20 pm on A tale of two Jack Schaaps
  3. Sounds as if you are exactly describing JS and the leadership at FBC.
    January 05, 2013 2:45 pm on A tale of two Jack Schaaps
  4. What you don't see in the video is that he preached that to a crowd of thousands of young people, mostly between the ages of 11-21, and the men on the platform behind him and the church staff did nothing. Yet, they think the problem was JS's alone.
    January 05, 2013 2:13 pm on A tale of two Jack Schaaps
  5. You hit the nail on the head! Jack Schaap being sent to prision will not be the end of the many problems at FBC if the current leadership (staff and deacons) continue to maintain complete control over the people and church and do things as they always have. They are as much to blame for this sick situation and past scandals as JS, yet they blame him, but fail to accept responsibility for their wrong attitudes and actions. They continue to preach and exhibit the same flawed thinking and behavior that created the problems in the first place. Their pride keeps them from seeing the huge part they have and continued to play in the problems at FBC. Nothing will change if they continue to be apart of the leadership of FBC. Nothing will change if the membership doesn't finally open their eyes and wake up and demand change.
    January 05, 2013 2:07 pm on A tale of two Jack Schaaps
  6. Cindy was well aware of her families problems and relationships. She choose to justify their behavior and enable them. Many warned her of her husbands inappropirate relationships and she was well aware of his sick verbal and written comments, still she did nothing to help him. Rather she continued to enjoy the perks his perverted lifestyle afforded her. Now she acts as if she is the surprised wife still excusing her husbands transgressions. She does not need to continue to be admired or adored, she needs mental and spiritual help.
    January 05, 2013 1:53 pm on A tale of two Jack Schaaps
  7. The interm pastor and top men on the deacon board are acting like the heros in this sick story, but they contributed to Schaap's downfall, and the churchs problems and extreme debt as much as Schaap himself. If they truly care about FBC they should leave and go far away. FBC needs a fresh start away from all the cover ups and scandals that they have helped create and participate in over the last 25 years. They all think they are crafty and smooth enough that people don't know the part they have played, but people know.This is not the 80's men where you can berate and order people not to read about what you have participated in. The internet makes it posssible for everyone to see who and what you really are and you can't control that, as much as you yell, and scream and threaten people to stay away from the truth. You are a constant reminder of the church's sin and failings and it can't ever fully move on and be something better till you either confess and sincerely repent and change your mind and hearts or leave.
    January 05, 2013 1:44 pm on A tale of two Jack Schaaps
  8. The press has taken a closer look at it and examined the problems closer. Check out Brian Smith's article in this months January addition of Chicago Magazine intitled "Let us Prey" there are other feature articles out there as well. Why the NWI Times and other local papers have not picked up on this I am not sure.
    January 04, 2013 12:17 pm on Former Baptist church pastor asks court for lenient sentence
  9. This is true! Every man on the church staff (woman are not allowed positions of authority) should also be held accountable for knowing and doing next to nothing. The new pastor needs to clean house, but I am afraid that the staff, deacon board, and the new constitution will tie his hands and limit the chance for the real and substancial change that is needed
    January 04, 2013 12:08 pm on Former Baptist church pastor asks court for lenient sentence
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