1. I just can't believe that they only gave him what they gave him...he should of been totally charged with the drunk driving....just because they would have to do a little bit of extra field work is the reason why they didn't go after him for that...really....well that is what I think at least....I feel they have dropped the ball on tons of things with this case....it is utterly sad and gut wrenching....Frankie was such a awesome kid and young man...I will miss him so very much....I really wish they would of sentenced him to serve at the Westville facticity...Karma would of been waiting for him I believe....I guess the kid got a real lucky break there....I realy wish that this would of gotten more news coverage and air time...mybe then it would of forced the county justice system to do there job better....instead I feel they just swept this all under the rug....I miss ya Frankie...I love you so much...I will see you again real soon my friend....
    February 20, 2013 8:08 pm on Figueroa sentenced to six years for leaving fatal accident scene
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