1. Yes, O'Rourke has been working hard to stifle any true unionism, any true democracy, for the workers in Hammond. He's been working hard to sell Tony Bennet's destructive agenda to all the teachers and at the same time pretending to be against those same policies.

    As a former hard-working teacher, I can tell you that being in the education profession is a horrible existence today. It is about standardized tests, being a punching bag for administrators and government officials (and union officials), and babysitting. If you try and give true learning experiences to your students, you are punished. You must "make learning exciting" (that is, make it like a TV show) and are forced to implement the state's unfounded teaching fads at the expense of the whole community.

    All the people who bash teachers and their salaries (that are very low by the way) are ungrateful people who have no clue about the facts and have never taught in a classroom.

    Note: most of the things that "conservatives" or "liberals" whine about are related to the unfair concentration of power. Thus, instead of whining and spending your time commenting on news websites to make thoughtless and snide remarks, go out and work for the dispersion of power in all systems (i.e. Democracy): democracy in unions, in governments, in schools, in communities, in corporations, in banks, in everything we do. But, first read about and learn what democracy really means.

    Go out--the world is waiting...
    August 15, 2012 10:32 am on State audit questions payment to Hammond teachers union president
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