1. Background checks are the least of the worries about who comes in and works with these students. Read the comments following background checks.

    I went back and reread what you initially posted. Special education students are actually beneficial to schools. Schools are paid more money for these students. I am not a fan of charter schools for many reasons; however, charter schools do need to abide by the laws of special education. They do not have to obey all laws pertaining to regular education students.

    I do not disagree with a lot of things you have said, but I do disagree with your comment about jocks being the educators of today. Many teachers graduated at the top of their classes. For you to say that they are all jocks shows your ignorance. There is a big trend lately to throw teachers under the bus. For what? The pay for a teacher is terrible, the benefits are terrible, and the "pension" is not even there. People who do not know anything about eduation love to throw the "teachers have summers off" comment out there. Teachers spend most of their summers in their classrooms adjusting curriculum to meet the new standards, taking classes, and working with students who did not succeed during the school year. Sure, there are teachers who are not like this, but the majority of them do not "take the summer off."

    This article is about class size and underfunded schools, not about how teachers are "jocks."

    September 06, 2012 12:45 pm on Parents challenge Lake Central School Board, administration at meeting
  2. It is interesting reading through these comments. First, the person who is saying to cut band. Band programs are actually cost effective to schools. You have 1 or 2 teachers for hundreds of students. When you cut that program, those students have to go to some other class. That brings us back to our initial problem. The extra curricular part of it is all paid for by the parents. Transportation, uniforms, travel, etc... Sports programs are now the same way...Pay to Play. Often times students are placed in schools like Lake Central for the opportunity to play in the band or play on the football team. Without these programs you will see many parents putting their children into private schools. This will, of course, lower the funds that the public schools receive.

    To the people who keep saying that random parents should just come in as the aides for the building. Because of laws that are in place to protect students, that is not an option. Parents need background checks before working with the students. Do you really want any random person coming in and helping with the education of your student? Teaching lower grades isn't just teaching ABC's, there are many other issues at play here. These aides need to be trained in working with students with special needs, working with children in small group settings, etc. These people need patience to work with young children for many hours of the day.

    There are a lot of people who have opinions on educators. Until you have been in the classroom day in and day out, you do not really know what it is like.
    September 06, 2012 10:58 am on Parents challenge Lake Central School Board, administration at meeting
  3. This will be happening in almost every school district due to the new laws in Indiana. This is not just a Lake Central problem. The Indiana budget was balanced because of the cuts to education. These cuts are now beginning to show in class sizes and aides in the schools. Please keep this in mind as you vote for State representatives in November. Sure Indiana balanced the budget, but at what cost?
    September 05, 2012 10:25 pm on Parents challenge Lake Central School Board, administration at meeting
  4. I really wish The Times would take time to investigate these charter schools. After doing a quick 5 minutes internet research I came across this article that shows how these "non for profit" companies are making money off of our taxpayers. Charter schools are great in theory, and they all claim to be non for profit, but look at their CEO's who are millionaires. Who is signing their paycheck? The citizens of Indiana. Check out this article, it explains everything better than The Times ever has. I wish the public could see what a scam these charter schools are. The education is not better, they are draining money from the public school system, and the people who run schools have generally never set foot in a classroom.

    August 28, 2012 11:06 am on Gary Middle College opens doors
  5. I never said that they were all one sided. Please read the entire post before commenting. Students are allowed so many suspensions before they are expelled. Schools are limited by the laws of the state. Just because you believe these bullys should get more days out, does not mean that the state allows it or that the action justified it. If you heard the claims that are put into the office, you too would change your mind. No claim is taken lightly, which is why it takes so much time to investigate. When schools find that bullying has taken place, it is dealt with to the extent that they are allowed. You have no idea what kind of teacher I am. From what you are saying right now, you are a bully. You did not see the bus footage (it is against the law to show bus footage to parents because of privacy issues with the other students on the bus), so you are not exactly sure of what went on either. You have what your daughter said, which you believe to be true. If the vice principal truely said that the other girl was ugly, that is a shame. He should have known better than to say that. Please reread your comments and think to yourself who the bully is.
    May 23, 2012 10:54 am on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  6. In your previous post you wrote that the child was abused on the bus and that the school refused to get rid of the bus driver. How was it the fault of the bus driver or the aide. If the school moved the other child, it took care of the problem. The bus driver has a responsibility to keep his eyes on the road. To say that anyone who works in education does not care about kids is outrageous. These people put in many hours to improve the lives of children. Lake Central is a huge school system. It is unfair to ask the teachers and administrators to have eyes and ears everywhere. Schools are now becoming liable for things that students say on Facebook, for students at bus stops, in hallways, etc. How is it possible that these adults can keep their eyes and ears in every conversation. At some point the parents need to take some of the blame. Once again, most of the time we know 1 side of the story because the school is not allowed to comment. The Times does a wonderful job of making the public hate schools because of articles like these. I wish they would become responsible journalists and report in their articles that everything they publish is from the mouths of those that are upset. The truth is often stretched and facts are no longer facts.
    May 23, 2012 10:44 am on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
  7. Unfortunately the school is not able to comment on any of these articles. Please keep in mind that you are hearing 1 side of the story. Everyone who is writing in about how the schools are not doing anything to stop bullying is wrong. The schools work round the clock to investigate each and every claim about bullying. The problem is that there are so many false claims that it is impossible to get through them in a timely manner. If a girl looks at another girl in the wrong way, the students now call that bullying. It takes time to investigate these claims. Often times too, you are just working with he said, she said. There are laws on how discipline can work. Most administrators would love to get these bullys out of their buildings, but they can't do to Indiana laws. If you want something to change, you need to talk to the state and not to the individual schools.
    May 23, 2012 10:01 am on Mother: 10-year-old daughter fled undetected from S'ville school because of bullies
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