1. Travel baseball is not for everyone, no doubt, some organizations are in it for the money, some are in it for the development of baseball players. Yes town ball can definately be very political and they don't always have the best players on their travel and allstar teams, but town ball is a great place, it depends on the kids and the family. However, I have boys who are on a travel team and it was actually easier on our family schedule to play travel. If you play in a league (Dyer, Schererville, or St. John) and your son(s) are on the league travel/ all-star team you could be playing/practicing 7 days a week. In travel we play practice 4/5 days a weeks. It was much easier for my boys to be be boys. Also for the most part the level of competition is much higher in travel ball so my boys have developed much faster, and love baseball and the level of competition. The sad truth, but unfortunately the truth is that if your son has aspirations of playing high school baseball it will be very tough. If he plays most of his youth baseball career in town ball and Town travel and all stars, because in travel ball he will be competing against kids who are getting more game experience at a higher level. Also some travel ball teams can be political, but rarely do they turn away talented players. I know several travel teams say it is important to not only tryout and interview the players, but the parents. Town ball and travel ball are both great options to play baseball, it all depends on the family and what they are looking for.
    July 27, 2012 10:01 am on After slow beginnings, travel baseball has 'exploded' in region
  2. This is absolutely crazy. I would like to suggest the people who oppose this basketball court, they should go find a nice retirement home where they don't need to worry about menacing kids playing "basketball". I hear Shady Acres retirement community has plenty of availability. I hope they are informing future homebuyers that St. John is a retirement community and not a place to raise children. Also, what is the difference if kids play in the backyard or the driveway? Teenagers could still play at "all hours of the night" in the driveway, correct? Also, are you volunteering to drive and chaparone kids several times a day to the "Multiple St. John Parks that accommodate basketball"? And yes several people do have pieces of concrete in their backyards, they are called patios and in the ground pools. What's next? outlaw bike riding on the bike path? It is very dangerous for those walking. Have seen how fast those 6 years old go on their bikes? Outlaw scooters and Big Wheels while your at it, they are real eye sores. As far as "skateboard park in your backyard", probably not a good idea, at your age you will probably break a hip. Wouldn't it be better that St. John allocated the funds they will use in defending the "basketball court lawsuit" towards the under funded schools? And yes I agree, common sense should prevail, this is Indiana not the "Magnificent Mile"
    July 24, 2012 10:58 pm on St. John boards sideline family’s request for variance
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