1. Nato....easy cheetah. i have lived on 450East for 11 years now....i have made that turn north off St.Rd 2 at least 500 times.... sorry...the young patrolman was speeding.
    i truly am sorry for the family and all involved.... sometimes the truth is hard to take.
    evidently, being truthful is something you can't deal with..... reminds me of a movie line...." you can't handle the truth..."
    now, maybe the county will do something about the speed violations going on out here because frequently cars fly up and down 450 East 25-to 30 miles more than the posted limits. think about it.....the next accident is going to be a pedistrian hit or a child on a bicycle. AND that is the truth. Deal with it.
    May 19, 2012 8:16 am on Sheriff's department mourning officer killed in Wednesday crash
  2. prelaw2010, i must apologize, i stand corrected..... in my original post i made a mistake, the speed limit entering that curve and rise traveling westbound is 40 mph.....
    so, i believe as a pedestrian, i could stand in the middle of the road in the eastbound lane, with my arm out (signaling a left turn ) see an oncoming motorcycle and safely walk the left turn, if the cyclist is doing the speed limit. now, if he was traveling 60-65 mph..... which i believe the cyclist was probably would not end up in my favor..... again it's a sad play for the young officer...but, he had to be speeding & 25 over would be a traffic offense would it not ? i am sincerely sorry for the family of the officer, but, on the other hand, his actions certainly contributed to his fate.
    May 18, 2012 7:31 am on Sheriff's department mourning officer killed in Wednesday crash
  3. sad circumstance.... you have to feel for his family especially since he was only 24. one comment though, since i live on 450 East and have made that same left turn off St. Rd #2 probably hundreds of times, i would be willing to bet the young officer was doing more than the speed limit of 50 as he came over that blind hill---- there is enough time to make a safe left turn even when you catch sight of on-coming traffic ---- as long as they are obeying the speed K, it may not be the right call to blame the elderly driver.
    May 17, 2012 11:51 am on Sheriff's department mourning officer killed in Wednesday crash
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