1. Like it or not, the law is the law and we ALL have to abide by it. I cannot believe that you are accusing the off duty officer for being a good cop. The officer TRIED to prevent an accident. Again, like it or not, the way the officer parked her car IS protocol. The article said that the car pulled onto the shoulder and the officers vehicle was SLIGHTLY in the RIGHT lane. How do ANY of you know that it was 3 feet into the right lane. You don't. Also, notice that I made the word right all capital letters. That fact alone means that the officer pulled the car over onto the shoulder on the LEFT side of the highway. Anyone know who is NOT allowed to drive in the far left lane?? SEMIS, BIG TRUCKS, ETC.!!! This is the perfect example as to why that law is in place. I'm sorry but if you don't know how to pay attention, then you shouldn't be driving ESPECIALLY in a big truck like that. Anyone drive in a truck?? Notice how much higher the driver sits than a person in a car. You really mean to tell me that the driver couldn't see BRIGHT blue and red flashing lights until the last minute?? Come on now. Not only was he driving in an illegal lane, but he wasn't even paying attention and he hurt someone else because of it. This truly is a sad story.
    June 21, 2012 11:05 am on Driver airlifted after Borman crash left lanes closed for hours
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