1. Hmm are you talking about the same Mike who every year takes children fishing who don't have a dad to take them fishing? Or is this the same Mike who you have personally seen do these things? Lets talk about his animals that you seem to know so much about, EVERY one of those animals are used to bring joy to children who have no joy. Horses in this mans property give daily smiles to kids and teens but I am sure seeing how you know all this its still easy for you to judge.
    September 05, 2012 9:01 am on Dogs seized from Porter County kennel
  2. The truth people. First off just to clear the air EVERY area has a lean to for the horses to get out of the elements for those who didn't see these they are big buildings that horses go in and out of when it rains. Also about a blanket on a horse in the winter REALLY cause in the wild they have those? The only reason you need a blanket on a horse is if you show it and to be fare all your doing is preventing the horse to naturally have a fur coat. Now about the dogs, I understand ALL of you are reading an article that is wrote to sell a paper this being said those dogs were taken care of. They were loved and no I personally have never seen mold allege or bug eggs in those water dishes at any time! The dog area gets cleaned every day by workers you don't become akc registered by having a filthy place. So next time you read things maybe you should take into consideration that who ever wrote it does have to sell papers and do you think they would sell papers with a peachy story people come on your smarter then this.
    September 05, 2012 8:28 am on Dogs seized from Porter County kennel
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