1. Trustee Clancy, Now theirs a guy who gives the taxpayers their money worth. A great Chief of Staff also!
    December 06, 2012 9:46 pm on Portage trustee's office goes paperless
  2. Its unfortunate that many of you want to spew words of hate and disgust of Shelli. How many of you really truly know her? I know Shelli as great freind. She is mother, wife and a fine State Representative. Shelli is a champion for children and fantastic advocate for the great public schools of the district. Shelli is the best person to represent the district. See the district, state and nation needs more Shelli VanDenburgh's. Shelli and her husband Tim know what its like to work hard and sacrifice. Working families like Shelli's are what makes this nation strong. Shelli know what is like to balance a check book, run the kids to practice, make sure theirs a lunch packed for her husband who's working midnights. We need more Shelli's in Indianapolis. What we don't need are folks who want to legislate divisive agendas upon Hoosiers. What we need a more folks who know what it like to work for living! What we need are folks like Shelli an advocate for Jobs, Public Education, Protecting those who cant protect or provide for themselves such as children and seniors. Shelli is a person who fights for Workers Rights! You may criticize Shelli for going to Illinois, I applaud her, and Thank her! She went there in an attempt to stop a right wing agenda, that was rolling through the General Assembly, that destroys good paying middle class jobs and undermines workers safety. She was fighting for Joe and Jane Lunch Box of the district. The district is made up of families like Shelli's hard working, union families and also those who depend upon those who make a Union wage. While fighting for Workers Rights she was fighting for the very people who make this district great, Hard Working people like Shelli VanDenburgh

    P.S I'm Jerome Davison a proud United Steelworker
    I'm Proud to Support Shelli VanDenburgh
    October 30, 2012 10:34 pm on EDITORIAL: We pick VanDenburgh in House District 19
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