1. Also.. what happened to transparency? Isn't that what your fire dog keeps preaching?? what happened to that transparency when the council wanted all contracts to pass through their hands? They stated they wanted to know where all this money is going and to whom... Ask Mayor Copeland why he squashed that right away? Isn't that what transparency is in the government? Everything is a open book? If their isn't anything to hide whats the problem... Also ask old fire dog what happened to the Second Century Fund $11.7 million.. That was to be used for rebuilding the city and public safety for the citizens.. That is per the Indiana Attorney General.. September 26, 2011
    May 08, 2012 1:40 am on Prompt Ambulance takes over East Chicago's EMS
  2. Commodore.. a firedog? Is that what we are calling a leader that hides behind closed doors instead of improving the efforts of EMS? Here is some simple math for you.. ready?
    1.3 EMS budget
    200,000.00 returned not used by EMS
    700.000.00 collected
    400,000.00 is the balance
    EC/EMS wrote off 650,000.00 .... simple math here.. Had the city ordinance been changed to bill non residents and prisoners the city would have profited.... drum roll please... 250,000.00 Now if you add in all that the medics were willing to cut from their salary, holiday pay, clothing allowance etc it would have been closer to 400,000.00 PROFIT... So Commodore how did selling out on EMS profit East Chicago?
    OH, as for the firemen.... what is you life worth? You have no idea what they endure in a 24 hour shift. Mentally or physically. Shame on you for putting a price on someone else s life.. And to top it off to save someone so ungrateful like your self... My God have pity on your soul
    May 08, 2012 1:17 am on Prompt Ambulance takes over East Chicago's EMS
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