1. This was murder -- plain & simple. Whatever else is wrong with David Hatfield, besides being an alcoholic and stupid, he shouldn't have been allowed to drive --- ever. As far as his family goes, he wasn't thinking of them when he committed this murder, so they have to live with his actions, as well. That is on HIS soul, not anyone else's. However long he's locked away, they're better off without him and his horrible example as a father & husband. I have absolutely ZERO compassion for anyone who drinks and drives. David Hatfield, if you CAN read, I hope you read this and you always suffer with the thought that you murdered an innocent man and affected your family forever. I hope it wakes you up at night and haunts all your thoughts. There is no undoing the harm you've caused. I have no sympathy, no compassion, and you have no excuse for what you did. You are a worthless coward.
    March 22, 2013 11:49 am on C.P. man killed in fiery wreck
  2. If it isn't too late, PLEASE, someone from St. John --- PLEASE RUN AGAINST JOHN DeVRIES!! Why does he always run unopposed? For the sake of Lake Central, PLEASE consider stepping up. He MUST go! I'm sure there are many intelligent, qualified, YOUNGER, people in St. John that would actually take the students' interests into account. I think Don Basco does a decent job (even if he IS a friend of Baranowski). Val is also a qualified and positive contributor. But in order to affect change and improvement, DeVRIES, MARSHALL, and BARANOWSKI must go. Then we can start with changing the inept administrators at Central Office.
    September 09, 2012 10:08 pm on Parents challenge Lake Central School Board, administration at meeting
  3. JOLENE33
    I, too, have worked with Dr. Veracco and most of the time he looked like a "deer in the headlights"and consistently made poor decisions or passed the heavy decisions onto someone else. That, however, is the least of Lake Central's problems. Howard Marshall and John DeVries need to go away. They are both too old to serve on the School Board and cannot relate to what's going on. John DeVries, especially, is far too arrogant to care what goes on. Howard Marshall is his puppet and doesn't have a backbone to make the tough decisions on his own. George Baranowski has perfected putting on a good front, but has a huge ego for someone with very limited abilities. PLEASE, the next time the "Three Stooges" are up for re-election, please, please vote them OFF the school board. We need qualified people that actually care about the School Corporation to fill those spots.
    September 06, 2012 4:04 pm on Parents challenge Lake Central School Board, administration at meeting
  4. Poorly planned and handled. LC School Board has absolutely zero people skills and cannot connect with parents.
    September 06, 2012 3:50 pm on Parents challenge Lake Central School Board, administration at meeting
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