1. When the Times says "facebook jokes" it sounds like they started with "A priest, a rabbi and a monk walked into a bar..." what the girls said was not a joke - no matter how many smiley faces they put in. Your headline could be a little less slanted. That said, let's turn it around - if something had happened to one of the girls on the list and it was found out the school knew something was up - everyone would have been mad that they hadn't done something. How about if she had slipped down the stairs when only her and one of those girls were in the stairwell? Imagine the trouble then. Even though the school was not directly involved before the parent brought it to their attention...the school still has the duty to keep the school safe for everyone. Maybe by taking them out of the situation - it protected everyone - even the 3 who are old enough to know better than to say what they said....
    April 26, 2012 10:30 pm on ACLU: 3 Griffith girls expelled over Facebook jokes
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