1. If Doug Ross had even the most rudimentary grasp of the facts about Enbridge's Line 6B project, he would know that 6B is is more like Keystone XL than it is not. He would know that it's part of the largest pipeline system in the country. He would know that it carries the same tar sands oil that Keystone does. He would know that it also crosses international borders, which makes it subject to State Department oversight (at least, in some ways). What's sadly true though, is that unlike Keystone, this project got fast-tracked in a way that limited public input or official inquiry. And now Mr Ross thinks the project should be expedited? Really? Since his depth of knowledge about the project seems to go only as deep as the Enbridge PR soundbites, I'd offer this final observation: it's painfully obvious that Mr Ross has not taken the time to read the NTSB report on Marshall because if he had, I believe he wouldn't feel so free to offer his insight on such a complex issue. The investigation's report should be required reading for anyone willing to offer ANY opinion about Line 6B or Enbridge: http://www.ntsb.gov/doclib/reports/2012/PAR1201.pdf
    January 24, 2013 10:38 am on EDITORIAL: Keep pipeline project moving forward
  2. If an insurance company replaces your totaled 2005 SUV with a 1995 Ford Fiesta . . . do you consider that a windfall and book your cruise in haste? I bet not. Enbridge does not negotiate in good faith with all property owners, no matter what they say. In fact, they go so far as to knowingly lie to the press and the public, as is evidenced by the fine reporting here. So, unless you've had to deal with them for 6 months, hearing ROW agents tell you that they will condemn your property and they will not pay for any damage appraisals but their own . . . well, you might consider keeping your comments about "windfalls" and "ambulance chasing lawyers" to yourself. In the meantime, I suggest a swim in the Kalamazoo river.
    October 21, 2012 5:44 am on Local residents pipe up with Enbridge concerns
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