1. Is this kid in the program anymore? I wonder why? The coach had an obligation to his player first. I do not hold him responsible for what a parent does but his actions afterwards speaks volumes. He benched the player who was berated for the loss instead of benching the child of the parent who caused the problem in the first place. He should have sent a message that this behavior is unacceptable, but this doesnt apply to the favorites. I'm trying to get a point across that you obviously don' get. Everyone should get a fair OPPORTUNITY, I know this wasn't the case. If she had made her way up like everyone else has then I woudn't have an issue with the politics involved. She led the team in batting kudos to her, then DH her. Others have admitted her defense wasn't up to par. Politics do exist and are very much the status quo with this coach and his program.
    June 04, 2012 4:11 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  2. Obviously some of you guys will back this terrible coach no matter what. Where were all of you when one Sherman's connected parents attacked a player for the first loss of the season? I've seen this kid play since she was eleven and she is a tremendous talent but had a bad game and was demeaned for her play by a parent. Where was the coach then? So boo-hoo everyone who is connected doesnt have to worry how their kids are treated, its the rest of us that do. I guess that wont make any sense to all of you who back this guy. Perhaps all of his supporters are receiving his special treatment when other kids are demeaned for mistakes while nothing is said when their's play poorly. It works both ways cowards!!!!!!
    June 03, 2012 7:25 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  3. 1sbfan she did indeed take hitting practice with varsity players and coaches present. Lets see if the AD and the coaches will disclose the monies that wre donated to the program and where they came from. until then based on what politics the stepdad plays I am very inclined to believe the rumors. This kid got an opportunity that most dont get. but made the most of it. Many agree she's not all that. Lets call for some transparency in this matter to clear the air once and for all.
    June 01, 2012 10:36 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  4. BadCoaching thats exactly what I am getting to here, I'm not trying to bash the kid because its not her fault that her stepdad brings her to practice hitting with LC's softball team before she ever stepped foot through LC's doors as a student. This not only pertains to LC but he also tries to pull strings with travel organizations as well. Everyone is aware of his politics. I implore the parents to put pressure on the AD and disclose the companies or individuals who donated monies to LC's softball program so that everyone will have a clear understanding of what is going on here. Are we to believe the accolades the kid is receiving based on nepotism?
    June 01, 2012 10:24 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  5. 1sbfan please explain to why she was attending batting practices with varsity last year while she was in 8th grade? If I'm a head coach and confident in my abilities for judging talent I would have told the parent to stand in line with the kids trying out for the team next year and I'll take a look at her then. That way its fair for everyone in the program, no favorites or special treatment. Did everyone else get this opportunity? When such things are done in this manner it's plain wrong and unfair to everyone in the program.
    May 31, 2012 5:06 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  6. I whole-heartedly agree!!!!! Let's just hope he has learned something this year even though it came at the expense of the girls in LCHS's softball program.
    May 31, 2012 7:26 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  7. svillechris of those 28 games maybe 8 or 10 were against decent programs, lets face it HS ball just doesn't have the overall talent that travel has especially in our conference. If you know the players then you know that at least three of them have had a propensity to make errors and to be a defensive liability in past games. Sprinkle in a few more errors by others and we had major debacle in that game. There are a few players, one a newcomer that was given varsity roster spot before she ever played a game for LC. She was given this spot without merit. That being said she held her own offensively but was a defensive liability on any ball that was struck to her position. Where do you think all of those new uniforms came from? Three as a matter of fact for varsity......Karberg is a much more dominating player than she will ever be at their respective positions and she wasn't given a chance at varsity before her????? Hmmm I wonder why.
    May 31, 2012 6:38 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  8. 3bums you are obviously unaware of a lot of things that are happening within LC's softball program! Lets just hope for all the girls sake that each of them are given a fair opportunity next year based on their talent not by being a freshman, shopomore, junior, or senior. Or based on private donations to the program and private conversations with the coaching staff. Each player should earn their playing time and streamlining the program by cutting a few of the players that simply will never contribute when it really matters in the big games wouldn't be a bad idea wether their parents offer their services at field-day or handle the cooking duties at home tournaments. Keep it simple play the best you have but make time for the rest when you can. If bench players aren't happy with what they are getting as long as its justified don't reward them for complaining or for their parents complaining by playing them more especially against the better programs. If you make a rule coach live by your words and apply the discipline as you have warned and distribute the consequences equally to everyone then you will have integrity in your program. Say what you mean and mean what you say. We are poised to make a run at state for the next 4 years so lts do it! WE are all proud parents and avid sports enthuiasts especially when it comes to girls fast-pitch softball and LC's program!
    May 30, 2012 8:07 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  9. I have read all of your comments and its good to see so many people are weighing in on lasts nights game. I agree with a lot of what is being said. Based on her previous outings I would have given Karberg the start, but unlike coach Sherman whoever I chose to start would have been given the short leash knowing that its a win or go home situation. I believe coach Sherman wants to win and we should expect great things every year from this softball program based on the Talent that he has to work with. I also believe he failed misereably as a coach in lasts nights game. Knowing that Tymorek was up with an empty base would intentionally walking her to load the bases been a poor decision? I also agree that he should have pulled Karberg knowing that he had 2 very capable pitchers in Del Toro and Boyle waiting in the bull-pen. These are the types of decisions coaches make to lead the team to victory. By the time he went to actually pull Karberg the decision was a no-brainer, 7 runs had already been given up. Was that the best team on the field? Softball is a game that should be dominated first by pitching which LC has an abundance of. Secondly when you have dominant pitching the next thing you want to do is put the best DEFENSE behind your pitcher, six position players had errors in last nights game and I can guarantee this was no accident. These are kids and mistakes will be made at times but when outfielders can't keep a ball in front of them, or routine pop-ups aren't caught and ground balls aren"t at least knock down in the infield, not to mention a catcher who had way too many passed balls in this particular game I have to question wether coach Sherman understands his personel and the defensive liabilities each carries. I believe coach Sherman wants to win but doesn't know how to run a program based on making rules that apply only to who he wants them to apply to. Coach I don"t doubt that you are knowledgeable in the game of softball but I hope you learned from your mistakes the past couple of years. Politics are very much alive at LC. Learn to treat and respect all of your players who put so much time and effort into your program. You choose to yell at some and publicly demean them while others who do harm to team cohesion get off scott free. Many parents also need to take off the Rose-Colored glasses and see the SPORTS VENUE for what it is. These girls are of the age where plays just have to be made especially the routine ones.
    May 30, 2012 7:18 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
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