1. You do speak the truth, Hosford's building was presented to have a cost savings. I believe the cost to run the building was about $3,000 more than Grissom. And yes the crowd was more than 200 verses about 100 at Grissom but you forgot to mention that some of Grissom's parents and teachers followed the other forums and it was apparent that Hosford scurried to get as many bodies in that room as possible even if they had nothing to do with the community or school system just to make it look like they cared more than parents at the other school. Your board should be offended by the dog and pony show. Also, I don't think that $3000 is enough to put a nail in Grissom. Many other concerns should be taken into consideration. For instance, what is stopping Gary from getting lawyers or a referendum to take all the Black Oak kids. Gary is hurting for money far more than Lake Ridge is and I am sure that the people of Gary won't be happy to be closing their schools when 600 city kids go to township schools...a district that has no buildings left in Gary. At over $7000 a student that figure looks like over $4,200,000 to me. The Hosford community stands a good chance of winning the battle but the district just may lose the way.
    March 15, 2013 7:03 am on Lake Ridge parents resolve to cope with school closing
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