1. Im so mad right now,this guy gets out of jail for $6,000 you kill someone and thats all you have to pay to be set free.
    This is the mans 3rd DUI please tell me how he got a Drivers License?How has this man gotten away with everything?Who should The Family go after for this?His Attorneys? The Prosecutors?The Judges?For all these past cases,and now..
    With this mans record he should of been in jail along time ago and this never should of happened.
    How can you kill someone and there be a bond?I thought the judge can over ride a plea bargain,He is the Judge for god sack why didnt he look at the court records and see how bad this guy was.
    I dont want to believe you can get away with anything in life,you have to pay for your crime or is it as long as you pay$ your free?
    My Aunt Sandy Marvel was a very sweet and nice person so are you telling me she died for a price$ ?
    September 21, 2012 8:12 pm on Driver in fatal crash had admitted guilt in prior alcohol-related incidents
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