1. Everyone that left this Godforsaken place is doing better much better even the thugs and criminals not all at least 75 percent of the people that left here some a short of distance as indianapolis . Someone told me he didn't know it was unnatural to feel naked without a gun till he left Gary! Sadning.........
    May 09, 2012 4:13 pm on Man shot and killed, two wounded in Gary shooting
  2. My son was shot last year &almost died !the young man that did it walking around still like he owns the place only time Gary does anything is when it's one of their loved ones or someone white . There r some great cops in Gary but they don't can't do it all , I hate Gary been here all my life b glad to burn out of here just need a plan of escape. Everyone that gets shot is not a criminal I pray for all these dead people or shall I say people that die cause of the volience .Gary is cursed people have no respect for life. What happened ? Wasn't like this when I grew up I'm 51 ain't seen nothing like it .for all the smarts@?:-$@ it could have been your mother sister brother friend husband child wife. This is for you all that r killing people as well ! I pray 4 u too !What would you say then ! I'm outta here soon as I can long as politicians stealing money and corruption here nothing gone to change !
    May 09, 2012 4:07 pm on Man shot and killed, two wounded in Gary shooting
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