1. I feel for both sides. As a parent I could not imagine being on either side of that court room. On one side you have a family grieving for their daughters life and having to relive her loss by hearing the gruesome details, On the other side you have a family watching their child and loved one on trial for a murder and hoping that their son is innocent. It has to be a nightmare for both sets of parents. Given that if he is guilty he needs to pay the price. Unfortunately it seems evidence is lacking. Yes there is a lot of circumstantial evidence but the missing evidence would have made this a shut case. If he is truly innocent I hope that they catch the person(s) that truly did do it. With the neighbor's testimony two questions popped to mind for me. Is it just a attention seeker or someone wanting to help but got things jumbled? If she could hear voices why couldn't she hear gun shots. Also she heard a female voice also. Who was it? Given the injury I highly doubt it was Amanda so was someone else involved? The dads actions are quite odd. If Dustin did it was his father involved in some way also even if it was just covering up. With it being a clean crime scene evidence wise who ever did it knew how to clean up after themselves or our police force is lacking on gathering evidence. You are going to have the "hes innocent" group and the "hes guilty" group. I just hope that the jurors decide based on the facts of the case and not hearsay. As someone else said it would be sad if there ends up being two victims in this case due to a false imprisonment. I hope Amanda's family gets the justice they need and deserve, I hope that Dustin's family also gets the truth and support that they will need in the coming days.
    February 26, 2013 8:15 am on Murder trial ending Tuesday
  2. That wife of his was definately not worth doing something that would land him in jail and ruining his life over. He shouldve left her a LONG time ago
    January 05, 2013 3:15 pm on Son arrested at father's sentencing hearing
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