1. The big picture is the union members assessments! If the employeer/contractor doesn't collect the assessments and pay them to the union, the union feels they will not survive. If the union has to collect the assessments from there brothers their afraid the won't pay them because of the lack of perception of the value of the assessments they would have to pay to their local union.
    June 15, 2012 7:51 am on Roofing job assist rankles union on strike
  2. All union representatives of all the trades and their members, should be ashamed of what is happening with the roofers and their union. They are in the top 10 of the highest paid union roofers in the nation, and quite possibly, in the top five. I realize the cost of living in NWI is high, compared to NY, Boston, and Calif.

    Unions promote themselves as a brotherhood, (both men and women) however, the roofers' representatives are so concerned their brothers won't pay their share for the costs associated with operating their union.

    Like the 90 plus percent of the union brothers out there when it comes to their purchases. They enjoy the union pay and benefits; however, when it comes to there roof, plumbing, electrical, car, truck or structure they prefer the non-union price. Is the quality workmanship and company guarantee worth the additional cost? Not normally, they'll take the risk in hopes of a quality job, and that the company might be around if there is a problem.

    If they are afraid their men won't pay their share to their union I can about guarantee they aren't hiring union companies to repair there home or vehicles, etc.

    I believe the brotherhood is about gone in the all the unions. Why you ask. Review the article you've read and what is missing. The roofers union's business agents response to anything in regards to the work stoppage.

    They want no responsibility or liability! Who does?

    Oh yah, I want a raise because everything cost more then it did yesterday.

    June 12, 2012 9:20 pm on Strike tactics cross line, roofing company owner says
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