1. First to nwires2, the girl isn't a "little Jezebel". She is a young girl who didn't know better, she is still a child , just a teenager. Jack Schapp is a grown man who took advantage of a young girl. No matter if this girl "came on to him", which is unlikely, he was the adult , married , and supposedly knew better. Your lack of compassion for this girl is alarming and please do not say you are a Christian .
    Second to westminster Abbey, the weak insult "sheep" is best saved for bigots. If you have a problem with Christians so be it, but your obviously lack of sense is appalling. No one is sweeping anything under the rug , he could have claimed innocense and fought it, he didn't. The church could have ignored the evidence and left him as pastor , they didn't. The church called the police in, something Penn State DIDN'T do . There has been no cover up or a hint of a cover up. They simply want to move on, which is perfectly normal. Now if you , in your hate for christianity, need to seek out conspiracies , again, so be it. However , I suggest you be careful on who you are calling fools
    September 20, 2012 9:13 pm on Hammond Baptist hopes former minister's plea is amen to sex scandal
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