1. Was it sliced a nan's throat or is this vegenance from his ex wife? Someonenew.. If you think you knew anything you would have know about his recent back issues. He has two sons from a previous marriage thar his exwife kept from him. His wife died (May she Rest in Peace) Lynn died in her sleep regardless of what others think. Festering troubled thoughts lead you to worsening those thoughts. Roy did a terrible thing 28 years ago paid the ultimate crime. What noone mentions is in that time his mother died. He wasn't allowed to attend her service. He turned his life around. If he is such a evil man why does his kids 3 of them plus his step daughter adore him? His stepdaughter called him dad till the day he died. He is so horrible gees. Everyone is painting him out like he's a bad guy. Don't judge a book by the cover READ it first... You can't judge him. If you were in his shoes What Would You Have Done? Prison before! Prison again? I think not. He couldn't do it. Why he did what he did.. That so called beef he had with someone needed bailing out of jail.. The guy owes the kids that money... People don't bash what you don't know.. All my life I have looked in and fought to be anything but Ferguson by blood but I will tell you what I am darn proud to be related to Roy... Can't say the same for the rest of what's left of this sad little family. Roy's kids will be better off with the fiance... If my Aunt is reading this!
    June 12, 2012 5:09 pm on Fiancee says Valpo gunman was a loving man, a former hero
  2. I knew Roy. But to me he was my Uncle.... We were a year apart. We went to grade school together. I knew him as someone you could trust, lean on and laugh and cry with. His kids are great. Straight A Students. He like everyone else had rough patches but never once would I refer to him as being Crazy. He used poor judgement that day. As far as hurting someone. No I didn't see that in him. He was caring and loving. He had struggles financially like all of us have. Helping a friend is something he would do. I will miss him greatly. He is my hero. If you don't know him you lost a chance of a really great friend. I Love you Uncle Roy you will be missed......
    May 27, 2012 10:03 pm on Fiancee says Valpo gunman was a loving man, a former hero
  3. He had no intention of shooting anyone until it was too late to turn around. One the PD showed it all hit the fan. A Loving father, A Lover, An Uncle and a brother. A man in grief a man with pain. The system fails the man, woman or child down on their luck. Trust is a two way street for which people don't give back. It's hard to say what I would have done. Except May my Uncle Rest In Peace.
    May 26, 2012 2:48 am on Valpo woman comes face to face with gunman
  4. @Ilivehere What Are you afraid he's going to get up off the coroner's table and do this again. Not him.. The pen is such an ugly sword.... Fear not he's not coming back and I don't know what will happen to his twins or teenage daughter. They lost their mom on mother's day and now they lost their dad. They have an older half sister, The Gunman's sister, and myself. Those kids won't want for nothing. And your worried he still owns a house here.. Get a LIFE!
    May 26, 2012 2:23 am on Gunman dead following hostage standoff
  5. I agree. It is suspicious. Sad.. Very Sad.. I lost my uncle today. I just hope it was worth it.
    May 26, 2012 2:18 am on Gunman dead following hostage standoff
  6. I'm the niece. I know the gunman. Being he's from Indiana. He only moved after mourning the loss of his wife with three kids. Those three kids are orphans. He was there to fix up the house he and his deceased wife lived in with those three kids. The house his wife died in. I can't condone anything that has happened. But with the times being the way they are, raising three kids in today's society is not only hard but almost too much to bear. I can Point fingers Like the guy he's been trying to get his $15K from. This guy has avoided my Uncle for months. The Company Nestle Water which contributed to his back pain and unable to work to provide for his family. Renters that left a house he treasured that he was trying to get new people inside. A Doctor that wouldn't see him when he called for an appointment. I can say I blame everyone. But I blame myself for not being here and being a better niece. The age difference between us is one year. We went to the same Elementary School. We disagreed like brother and sister. He listened to me when I needed a friend. So when everyone goes to bed look up toward the ceiling and say Thanks God I am alive remember A Father of 3 kids, A Boyfriend, A brother, An Uncle will not be waking up to the see Sunshine tomorrow. The outcome was this or prison.. I don't think my uncle would have handled prison.. I think the death of him was the only way out. I don't blame him the system failed him.. He wanted to die. That's what I feel. That is what happened. So don't Judge a book by the cover because whats going on inside could be Heck!
    May 26, 2012 2:15 am on Gunman dead following hostage standoff
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