1. St. Catherine had a mental health program, outpatient. Then it was closed. Why? I work with members of the communitty which are in need of outpatient services and DayBreak did the job, then it was renamed New Day, still did the job. Why was is closed? To move the program to the Schererville office? How are patient in the North Lake County area going to get to Schererville for services. Oh, wait for several months until Regional has an opening. The wait to get into see someone at Regional takes forever. Why wasn't the program at St. Catherine expanded instead of closed, the need it there as it is in South Lake County. I'm happy to see a program open up but I am puzzled as to why was the one already in operations at St. Catherine, closed.
    January 05, 2013 9:28 pm on St. Catherine to expand mental health services
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