1. all of you criticizing and making judgements should log off and keep your mouths shut. these parents are going through the worst thing that will ever happen to them in thier lives. I know this because I lost my son at age 17 of a horrible circumstance. The pain is so horrible that you do not need others trying to make it worse! These parents/family and friends should be able to log on here and get great support....not those idiotic thoughts spewing from the mouths of the unknowing. If you have never been through something like this then you have no idea how you would feel or what you would even think for that matter. They do not need anyone trying to play God and judging them for their parenting skills. I am sure they are great parents out with their family for the day innocently out for a great time. This is why things like this are called ACCIDENTS. It is no ones fault, no one to blame and no guilt should be cast on anyone. If you are unsure of the meaning of accident, use your google task bar and look it up. Now I would like to say something to the family of this young man....My thouights and prayers are with you at this horrible time. Please do not listen to anyone that has one unkind word for you. They are showing their ignorance...ignorance is just saying they have no idea how you are feeling and sometimes what they think is a kind word, really isn't. You can't hold it against them for not knowing. Lets pray that they never have to know how you feel right now. Please keep God close at this horrible time. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please do not blame yourselves. You have already lost so much, do not torture yourself for things you can not change. I know in my heart that you are great parents and deserve respect for that. God Bless
    July 11, 2012 6:56 pm on Body of Portage teen missing in lake found
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