1. Derek- I can guarantee you my education surpasses yours...just simply by your uneducated, personal attacks to someone you do not know. That being said, YOU are missing the point. NO phones on in school means just that. These kids give up their rights when they choose to break the rules. Just as someone who chooses to kill someone, goes to jail- they give up their freedom. You keep saying "minors". Let me ask you...if a 16yo decides to drink and drive, and crashes into your wife's car and kills her, WOULD YOU STILL feel the same way??? Afterall...he /she is a minor...
    All I can assume is that your child was involved in this bad behavior and YOU don't want to accept your child's bad behavior, and deal with it. OF COURSE, its someone else's fault. Done.
    February 13, 2013 9:41 pm on Munster High students to be suspended for sexting
  2. Well Derrek, because I am a Munster parent with kids in the STM system, I read ALL the comments, in which my statement covers. OF COURSE kids--or referring to your irrelevant drunk driving quotes--adults are going to make choices. The issue here is suffering the consequences of poor choices made. If you choose to do an action-- REGARDLESS of what it is--no matter how old you are--you have to deal with the aftermath, and not have mom and dad cry to the newspaper that their kids phones were taken away. Last I checked, that's not real life! Ha! Follow the rules! SIMPLE!
    February 12, 2013 6:53 pm on Munster High students to be suspended for sexting
  3. I live in Munster and graduated from Munster High School, and I'm in complete shock at the ignorance and stupidity of parents and their comments. PLAIN and SIMPLE, abide by the school handbook, or suffer the consequences. Parents need to act like parents instead of friends. That means teaching them that sharing pictures via media sources of a half naked 14yo girl is WRONG. WOW! Is that such a deep concept??? Just like teaching a highly autistic child with mental health issues to shoot a military assault rifle is WRONG. The comments bashing the School Board makes me sick. And to the parents who don't know what sexting question to you is, what planet are you from? STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE and step up and BE A PARENT!
    February 12, 2013 1:31 pm on Munster High students to be suspended for sexting
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