1. I understand everyones concerns. I am a mother of a son who has played travel for 8 years at least. We left Little League due to some managing problems and such. I am very please with playing travel and would do it all over again. At the time he played, it was much better competition along with instruction. I don't think travel should start with kids until they are around 8th grade. I think when they are really young, I do agree, I think parents are living through their kids. Although my son played travel, academics was always at the fore front for us. Not only did my son get a full ride academically, but he also had numerous offers to play ball in college. I believe the parents are a big influence in where they divide their time. So, it is not the concept of travel ball that causes the problem, but the mind set of the parents signing them up. I am a big supporter of all kids who play sports, no matter where. It keeps them off the streets and focused on something positive. Good luck to all who play and all who have dreams.
    August 03, 2012 11:20 am on Travel ball has trickle down effect on town ball
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