1. I would love to connect with this mom, or get any advice for support groups in the nwi area! I have gone through something similar with my own daughter, it took over 4 years for me to get someone to listen to the issues she had at home, and how violent she was. She was finally diagnosed with Bipolar, OCD, and ODD. None of the doctors, at least in this area and even Riley Childrens Hospital, would listen, would tell me that it was my parenting and she was just being a 'toddler' when her issues first started happening, she is finally getting some services but only because it got to the point that people told me that she may need to go to a psych ward, and she was being very dangerous to herself and others, i don't even remember how many times I've had bruises for weeks from her hitting/kicking/pinching me or throwing things at me.... something really needs to be done to help these children and the families who suffer from mental health issues rather than waiting until it gets to the point that people are getting stabbed and possibly killed leaving these children to bear that burden the rest of their lives for something they cannot control and no one is helping them!
    March 10, 2013 1:44 pm on Indiana mother, son recall tortuous journey to secure mental health services
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