1. i had him for 5 yrs he was only in a foster home for 2 months then his dad got custody of him as his moms parental rights were terninated,but i will say that in that 2 months time he did recieve a black eye and then a broken arm he did go to a second foster home for about 6 weeks and that one was great they were very good to him.sorry i forgot about the second one.And yes the girl knew all about him as we all told her it would be better if she didnt see him.he did do wrong and now he must face what he has done and hopefully he does get help.he will tell people that the only time he felt like he had a family was when he was with us so in the long run the system failed him when he was a child.
    January 05, 2013 3:34 pm on New Chicago man gets 19 years for arson, intimidation
  2. also if you read a man with an extensive criminal record while driving on a suspended license was drunk and killed a man yet he gets 4 yrs for taking a life,what is wrong with our legal system?
    January 05, 2013 5:12 am on New Chicago man gets 19 years for arson, intimidation
  3. First of all he was not bounced from foster home to foster home ,he went into one foster home after he was with us from 18 months(his mother left him in a highchair for 2 days while she was passed out on drugs)and the only reason he did was because his so called mom requested it as she came to our home with someone who looked really ruff wanting to see him i refused so she had him placed in foster care which was for a short time, we had brandon for 5 years.then he went to live with his dad. when he was 12 his mom did overdose and died on mothers day the next day a letter arrived to brandon from her in which she blamed him for everything and more and from that day on brandon went downhill.i will not make excuses for him he must answer for what he has done.i hope he is able to get help while he is in there cause deep down there really is a good person but he became lost along the way.
    January 05, 2013 12:23 am on New Chicago man gets 19 years for arson, intimidation
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