1. I am absolutely appalled by these comments on here!! Here is an 18yr old boy who has a nice article written about him as he plays his final high school football game and has to go on here and read these horrible comments! You are not only talking about his coach but that is his father! I don't care what you think or your opinion about the Highland Football team or coaching staff is, this is not where you should post things! Now instead of being proud of this article he will be reminded of all the rudeness out there! Regardless of your feelings, he is a kid, a mother's son, a father's son, a brother and a friend to a lot of people out there! I can only hope that if someday there is an article written about my child, people would be kind enough to just let them relish in the article rather than put them down! I just think that we should all think about the shoe being on the other foot before we comment! Congratulations Gunner and Good Luck Friday night!
    October 18, 2012 7:27 pm on Highland's Grider hoping to go out on top
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