1. To get on here and see this disgrace that comes from all races, backgrounds, ethnicities, sex,it dont matter, its a shame a family would have to see people talking down on a deceased person like that when it could've been you or your loved one. This is absolutely pitiful and as I far as I see it I am a Gary citizen and have been for a long while n I grew up with Terell, known as my cousin, and he aint never did anything n I do mean ANYTHING to hurt anyone. So as far as a person harming him is ludacris and for the Mr. BANG BANG r u hintn u dnt care or u did it cus sure enuff the cops culd get u looney! And your rite we are a heard cus we stand as one, theres killings everywhere, didnt hear to much of these ppl speaking on the fact that looney person killed all them babies but you can put a decision on the death of a black man. Its 2012 show some type of dignity and remember WE ARE ALL EQUAL NOW! BLacks make more than whites now so the racist stuff is very offending and as far as I see it if you didnt know him you shouldnt have zip to say, let his family grieve. And was that a classification, he was found with his pants below his kness? Funny he must of been robbed or some individual wanted to sex him, for the record he never sagged his pants, he was quite happy with his sexual intentions of being a homo so if you dont kno dnt speak n keep ur comments. Sorry he was not jus any typically black man out here robbing, stealing, and selling drugs. He was a motivator and ranned his own business if you speak on him than do some research on him and see he had something going for himself unlike a few thats on here. I wonder what crazy, lousy, looney city alot of yall from cus I can tell you wont make it in GARY INDIANA!
    December 17, 2012 2:23 pm on Gary man fatally shot; police seeking tips, ID on gunman
  2. I hate critics and i hate the media making things look worser than what they are
    December 13, 2012 10:27 pm on Witness in Portage homicide gunned down in Gary beauty salon
  3. I just want to say that I am from Gary Indiana and have been here for all of my life. I hate when ppl make it seem like our city is just so bad, true g.p.d aint always there to provide n protect us but we dnt really care bout them so when someones in trouble y is it ALWAYS tha POLICE problem. Sorry its not if they could stop anyone from doing anything than we wont have nothing but natural deaths and noone would be using nor selling drugs, rite? No cus you have this problem within every city and state. Ppl need to learn its not bout where you @, its about how you live ur life and what you do in ur life! I feel sorry for her n her family but was she sorry when she was seting someone up to lose their life. It doesnt matter that she told the police when she took them there to kill someone. The way i see it telling or not she was apart of someone elses murder so she shouldve been in jail too n wouldnt b dead, so if g.p.d wrong bout anything they wrong for not taking her in!
    December 13, 2012 10:22 pm on Witness in Portage homicide gunned down in Gary beauty salon
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