1. Intersting questions. However the questions your demanding answers to are procedural and in the grand scheme of things. Meaningless.
    Carol Kaiser was directly responsible for allocating funds to the schools. She was responsible for signing off on budgets and ordering equpiment.
    I think the question of why are there so many classes of students with NO materials. NO books. NO funding.. 1/2 way through the year is a touch more important don't you?
    I certainly think that the question of why it is my son has friends in classes with NOTHING as far as class materials go and teachers struggling and doing their best to teach a class with NOTHING to teach with.
    Oh.. And suddenly a bookeeper is fired as well...
    Hmmm.. Lets see.. The bookeeper is the gatekeeper of the funds.. The Superintendent direct where the funds go.. Our schools are going WITHOUT materials, books and supplies and all of the sudden the 2 people in charge of that funding are out of jobs.
    I think that's a bit more important than why it is that YOU weren't properly notified of some meeting. Or why some stupid procedure wasn't followed to YOUR liking.
    I think the education of our children has a bit higher standing than that. But I'm funny that way.
    December 29, 2012 1:55 pm on Hanover School Board accepts superintendent's resignation
  2. Or... Just perhaps we can ask why it is that NUMEROUS classes are completely unfunded and without ANY supplies or materials while other extracurricular pet projects went full steam ahead..
    Nah.. Can't ask those kinds of questions.. They're inconvenient.
    December 29, 2012 1:00 pm on Hanover School Board accepts superintendent's resignation
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