1. Please don't tell me the Sonic in Schererville rumor I heard is also incorrect?
    February 22, 2013 7:39 pm on Trader Joe's, Whole Foods squash rumors of NWI store
  2. I like trader joe's and some of their items are very fairly priced, some even cheaper than strack's/meijer.....however whole foods was ridculously overpriced to the point I only grabbed three things from there when I was by one in Schaumburg last year. To reiterate what the previous poster said, last month I went to Trader Joe's in Orland Park and spent $260. I am 29, live on my own, make a decent salary, and like their frozen foods and meals, and the variety they offer outside of stracks. I go to stracks for many things still, but every couple months I stock my freezer and pantry up with a couple hundred dollars worth of goods from Joe's. I AM NOT A HEALTH FOOD CONCERNED individual either. I'm not big into fast food unless it's middle of night and only option, but that's it. I grew up in Munster, graduated there, currently live in Highland, so I feel I know the community and their preferred demo of 18-45 year olds that they prefer. I think a location in Munster/Schererville area would be even more successful than the store in Orland Park. There are a lot of Organic/Health concerned people that live in the affluent areas of Munster/Highland/Scherervile/St.John/Dyer area. I mean there are some people with some serious incomes here. And those around the median can still afford to shop there. (Not at Whole Foods though probably). My household growing up was more around the median, however most my friends had parents that drop $500 bucks at Sams or Costco on groceries and it was no big deal to them. Well hey, if anyone for your company is interested and actually reading this (which I doubt they would be), I understand you can't build a location EVERYWHERE, I get it. I will probably still succumb myself to the drive to Orland, however have you considered offering a delivery service from a local store to a defined radius, or an online shopping/shipping variety? I would pay a premium for that offering. Also there's plenty of your preferred Hipster Employees in the Munster/Schererville area to staff 5 locations. Yes, I know Gary sucks for business, so does PARTS of Hammond/Merrilville, but I don't think it would affect business. I am just wondering where the advantage is by putting a business in an area that has space for possible growth instead of moving into an area that is fully packed of people with decent amounts of disposable income. I can't see how a Mishawaka location could fare too well.
    February 22, 2013 7:38 pm on Trader Joe's, Whole Foods squash rumors of NWI store
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