1. I typically do not comment on articles, but the income tax issue needs to be made clearer to the citizens in Lake County. If you own property and pay real estate taxes, have you every inquired into the purpose for "additional assessments" on on your tax bill? Simply put, Lake County is being penalized by the state government for not adopting a local income tax.The penalty is paid in the form of those "additional assessments" to your property tax bill to subsidize the funds the state is not giving Lake County for not adopting a local income tax! If you do not own real estate, obviously you pay nothing. I would rather see a more equitable distribution of the burden. Collecting local income tax via payroll deduction would be easier than collecting from those who don't pay their property tax bills at all. Those uncollected taxes also create a shortage of monies for the county. The budget, well the answers are really quite simple - but unfortunately, it's "politics as usual in Lake County".
    August 16, 2012 3:53 pm on Lake County budget makers looking for money
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