1. I teach in a public school. We have many students return to our school because once the private school gets their money (at the beginning) of the year, they find a reason to dismiss them. Ironically, the ones who come later in the year are often behind in skills. There was a big to do about a student who left the Gary schools to attend a private school. I was told that she returned within 2 months-- not because she was behind, but because she wasn't accepted. hmmm. If I were putting my child into a private school because of a voucher, I would make sure I knew about the other expenses and if there are others attending on a voucher and how do they afford the other things? Why subject a child to a setting where acceptance is such a part of life--only to find out that a voucher doesn't pay for everything that is needed?
    July 20, 2012 8:03 am on Two sessions scheduled next week to talk about vouchers, school choice
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