1. I bought a full tank at the Hobart Speedway on the 17th and now have trouble starting my car in the morning. Only 8000 miles on my car. I took it to the Toyota dealer on Saturday and they said it was probably contaminated gas since the cars sensors weren't specific. They were just registering "misfire". I called Speedway customer service. They took the info and were offended I was pissed. I just need to know if the contaminant will ruin my engine if I continue to drive it. It runs fine after it warms for a minute or two. I called the local Speedway and they said they weren't associated with BP. The lady said they only buy from Marathon. I asked if she was sure the gas didn't come from the Whiting refinery. She said no BP affiliation. I'm sure she doesn't know what's up. The clerk gave me the number to customer service.
    August 21, 2012 1:53 pm on BP recalls gasoline sent to region fuel distributors
  2. When you have a beach it should be guarded. The National Lake Shore used to guard Wells Street, West, Johnson's, Kemil, and Central beaches. There were far fewer drownings back then. Cut backs have cost lives. I said to my wife the day of the drowning that someone was going to get in trouble on the beach due to the north winds. It's like this every year since the life guards have been gone. Guards are as necessary as police and fire departments. Kids go to the beach without parents...it just the way it is. Let's protect our kids.
    July 11, 2012 9:55 pm on Mother of teen who drowned hopes his death will serve as warning
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