1. Sgt. Haney, Thank You for the sacrifices you've made to help defend and protect all of us and our country! Most of us cannot begin to imagine or understand what you have done and what you have been through! May GOD bless you...please stay safe.
    September 13, 2012 8:52 am on Highland soldier returns from fourth tour of duty to avenue of flags, thanks
  2. Hey DZTOWS...let me guess, you're a police "officer"? Or maybe you just have trouble with comprehension!! But Thanks So Much for the advice...I never thought of reporting my wallet stolen as soon as I noticed it was missing, and WOW I NEVER thought about suspending my accounts!!! I do take the necessary precautions with my personal belongings...but some thieves are really good at what they do...a step ahead of the law! I did not leave my purse unattended...Let me explain it to you a bit slower and in more detail so you can try to understand...I reported my wallet stolen as soon as I noticed it was missing...less than 1 hour...but these thieves immediately used it right next door at Target and at the gas station across the street...while I was still in Panera! Just like the article explained, had you been able to follow it! I had NEW accts, they didn't have or use my credit cards the second time...but you apparently didn't comprehend that part either! They went INTO MY BANK with the id they origianlly stole from me and used it to get money from my NEW acct...they didn't need my checks or credit cards! It's not just the "average" citizen who needs to be more's the Police Officers and the clerks at banks and retail stores as well. I NEVER blamed anyone else for my wallet originally being stolen...I DO blame the police for not following up with a BIG problem that they have been aware of for MANY months! The reason they were allowed to do this for so long and get away with it is because the police in the areas they were "working" weren't concerned enough about the reports that had been filed over the course of several months! I hope this cleared things up for you...I know this article and the comments are long and difficult for you follow and understand, so here's an idea...have someone who's more focused than you read these articles for you and help you comprehend the details before you commnet!
    September 05, 2012 1:23 pm on C.P., Chicago women charged in Hobart wallet thefts
  3. Both of these women have EXTENSIVE theft arrests, theft, felony's, failure to appear, dating all the way back to 2001! Our system is the reason these kind of people are allowed to do what they do...over and over again! This "team" stole my wallet on March 16th, used my credit cards at 3 different Target stores and a gas station. Four months later they started using my id again to open new accts, cash temporary checks at my bank (taking $1200 from my acct), bought a $2200 watch at Macy''s the same MO listed in each of the cases in this artilce. I reported both instances, Munster in March and Schererville in August. Munster knew they had this problem at Panera because they described the balck woman to me and asked if I saw her hanging around Panera the morning my wallet was stolen...when I went to file the report they said "don't tell me, Panera Bread!"..said they've had several thefts there and they have a description of the female suspect, yet they have no security at Panera! Schererville was totally uninterested in the fact that this was now the second time this has happened to me in 4 months and that they had now stolen $1200 out of my checking acct, and purchased a $2200.00 watch from Macy's. or that this is happening in the town they are suppose to be protecting/serving! I specifically expressed my concern that this person has my id (with my address) and according to my bank and Macy's is using my id. When I saw the article in the paper about the Valpo PD arresting these two, I called Schererville PD to ask if they could review the video my bank sent them to see if its' the same women and I was told that my case had been closed and the video was never reveiwed...because the officer who took my report was "on vacation" and the report didin't provide enough information to be worth pursuing! I had to contact other people in Schererville to get the case reopened and reviewed...found out that this was in fact one of the women who cashed the check at my bank and took $1200 from my acct. Hopefully everyone who may have fallen victim to these two will come forward and if need be force their local PD's to look into their reports...maybe if more victims come forward to press charges our system will keep these two locked up for more than one week! It's not a big deal until it happens to YOU and you have to spend all of your time and energy clearing your credit, closing accts, opening new accts, contacting credit agencies to place fraud alerts on your credit...not to mention worrying that these derelicts who have your id will show up at your home to see what they can steal from you...and likely not care if they have to hurt you in the process! I know of two other people who had wallets stolen in Schererville around the same time and these cases were reported as well...they never received any follow-up regarding their cases, maybe becasue they were handled the same as my report was!I realize there isn't much you can do when your wallet is stolen in a "one off" instance and you don't have a description of the theif...but when you have mulitple reports of theft with the same MO's at the same locations you should be able to expect your local PD (where you live and pay taxes) to connect the dots and at least make an effort to find these criminals!
    September 05, 2012 8:56 am on C.P., Chicago women charged in Hobart wallet thefts
  4. My wallet was stolen in April from a Panera Bread in Munster...the thief/thieves used my visa debit and master card that same day...racked up $2200.00 in charges. I got ALL new problems until August 1st...someone started making unauthorized charges again to the same accts...and actually went into my bank and conned the teller into a blank check and gave my new checking acct # as well...allowed this person to take $1200.00 out of my acct...becasue they had my old drivers license, which was stolen from Panera in April! Then called Macy's and was allowed to increase my credit limit by double...same acct that was flagged as stolen and closed for fraud in April...then went to Macy's in Chicago and bought a watch for $2200.00! Total charges under my id since April $ guess is it's the work of these two! The check that was cashed for $1200 was at FFB in Crown Point (one girl lives in CP) other charges at gas stations and 3 Target stores in Chicago (other girl lives in Chicago!) Target is obviously the place to go if you've stolen someone's cards/id. I know of two other's who've had wallets stoien in Schererville...Personally, I can't seem to get the Schererville PD to take any interest in my case...I filed a report wiht Munster in April and again with Schererville in August...have placed 5 voice mail messages and one e-mail over the last 2 1/2 weeks to Schererville and no replies yet! Glad to see Valpo has stopped these two, at least for now! Anyone who's had wallet's/purses stolen needs to contact their local PD's and find out if it's these two and if so, file/press charges...that's the only way they'll be prosecuted and serve at least some of the time they deserve! GOD help their children!
    August 29, 2012 10:32 am on Police: Pickpocket team nabbed in Valparaiso
  5. The "mother" should be charged as well...did she think this loser was going to take good care of the children she chose to bring into this world? Did she care? Where was she while this was happening for 2 years? Why didn't she know that her 8 yefar old daughter couldn't even walk right becasue she had been sexually abused and infected by this waste of life? Knowing our system, he'll serve 3 years and then be free to cause this same pain and suffering to other INNOCENT children!
    August 24, 2012 2:18 pm on Gary man charged with molesting 8-year-old
  6. Spc. Michael Crabtree,,,you are truly an Angel and a Hero in so many ways....

    May GOD bless you...and little man will be in my thoughts and are stronger and more brave than I could ever imagine having to be! May GOD bless you as well....THIS is REAL news!
    August 22, 2012 7:58 am on Hebron soldier, Griffith Girl Scouts team up to help boy needing kidney transplant
  7. If this is true that the "mother's" boyfriend is the murderer and he has tried molesting this poor child in the past, the "mother" and her boyfriend should both spend the rest of thier lives in prison!
    June 11, 2012 11:17 am on Man charged with murder in Cal City teen's death
  8. May GOD bless David's family and loved one's! THANK YOU David for all you've done to protect our freedom! Until we're all together again...
    May 01, 2012 7:11 am on Region welcomes home fallen Dyer soldier
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