1. I don't agree with this fairness argument. (Obama puts out 3 tax returns so Romney must put out 3? Tax returns are filed with the IRS ... a law enforcement agency. Some of the demanded returns are public. On the other hand if Romney makes public his passport, undergraduate applications, transcripts and thesis should not the president do the same? I know that no one gets to the law review of any law school, let alone be president of it, without writing. What did this president write? No one has read a word from this legal scholar. (I've looked for it!) These writings contain ideas and beliefs which are far more revealing than a tax return. Those who believe that the IRS has not already poured over the Romney returns as a political matter may still be waiting for the tooth fairy. Romney started a business in the kitchen of his apartment with some friends. He became a millionaire. People like Bobsr can't wait to hold him up as a symbol of a greedy capitalist rather than a symbol of American success. Nonsense Bob! I want those transcripts. How did he achieve "honors?" It's time for Obama to be ... what's the word? ... oh... yes transparent.
    September 09, 2012 7:43 am on Let's see Obama, Romney make these documents public
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