1. Rapists and armed robbers? No. This man's only record was:
    1.) He risked his life to enter a burning house and rescue the inhabitants, and;
    2.) He risked his life to rescue a man whose vehicle had gone out of control and rolled down an embankment off of I-94 and into a retention pond; and
    3.) He took a job to support his children, but after injuring his back was terminated by the company (Nestle) that hired him; and
    4.) He loaned money to someone (an agent of Prudential) who obviously had no intention of paying him back.
    There is no record of him ever harming anyone...only risking his own life to save others. BJ, I'm sorry but you suck, so get a life.
    May 28, 2012 4:15 pm on Fiancee says Valpo gunman was a loving man, a former hero
  2. The shooter may have created this mess, but he was driven to it by an unscrupulous employee of Prudential. Had that employee made an honest effort to pay back the money, if he had done something to show that he had every intention of eventually paying it back...instead of just avoiding the situation...then this mess might well never have happened at all. This was a man who had NO record at all, just trying to feed his kids. This was a man whose only notoriety was being a hero by risking his life on two separate occasions to rescue people who would surely have died tragically. This was a man who was terminated by his employer following an accident that left him unable to work and earn a living. This was a man who lost his wife and was faced with the task of raising his three children alone. Maybe he did make some bad choices, but I feel very sorry for him and his family. I sympathize with the hostages as well. I'm glad no one else was seriously hurt or killed. The only one I have no sympathy for is the Prudential agent. Maybe we need more "bleeding hearts" and fewer people who look at everything with blinders on.
    May 28, 2012 3:03 pm on Fiancee says Valpo gunman was a loving man, a former hero
  3. Thank you alittleodd.
    May 27, 2012 7:53 am on Gunman dead following hostage standoff
  4. It's so sad that a man who lost his own wife and was raising three children by himself, a man who had saved the lives of his neighbors from a raging fire, a man who rescued someone from drowning after the man's vehicle rolled off of I-94 into water...that this man ended up getting no help from anyone when he needed it most. I don't know who the real estate agent was who owed him the money, but I hope he or she will make sure that that money goes to Mr Ferguson's children, because they will surely need it. No they have no mother and no father.
    May 26, 2012 8:24 am on Gunman dead following hostage standoff
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