1. John Smith you are exactly right! as a former Officer. I would say you got it right on the head of the nail.
    August 28, 2012 8:01 pm on Paula Cooper: Convicted of murder at 15, a Gary woman prepares for her 2013 release
  2. i have seen this offender (Paula Cooper )for the last 18yrs . Everyday observing her behavior, attitude, conduct amongst other offenders/ towards Officers throughout the day of her incarceration.. She has not changed over the years of her incarceration.. Yeah, maybe she deserves a reduction in her sentence...she was given a different outcome...which was to come off of death row... But to be released ? What are you thinking? .She has just learned to manipulate the system...she is very hateful towards staff when they just try to say good morning, hello, or even when Officer try to pay her a compliment or suggestion...She is controlling over things in the Dormitories,because of her time done. Because of her crime.. Look into her actions of going to segregation...Not only that how could a Church or church members build a relationship with someone who brutally killed a teacher of God. Then pay her for it! which is basically what they do , when they are putting money on her buy hygienes, commissary... Does she give any of it back to the family of the Sunday school teacher , she murdered...? no she doesnt... not ever once in the years did she ever send out money to the family. never did she do victims awareness with the family for forgiveness. or speak of her crime , nor show remorse... If she killed a innocent child like this? Would you let her out... Go into the prison Dormitory where this offender cameras in there without her knowing of her actions, her demeanor on a daily basis for 3mths...or more....or until or parole hearing...then consider what you think or see of her... not only that her co-defendent didnt get this opportunity while in prison..she died there. Are all those others serving life sentences going to be given this opportunity also? Where is the Justice!
    August 28, 2012 7:58 pm on Paula Cooper: Convicted of murder at 15, a Gary woman prepares for her 2013 release
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