1. See they deleted your last post and reply to me, beacuse they are responsible journalists
    July 10, 2012 4:42 pm on Girl sues Crown Point schools, former teacher for sexual harassment, related actions
  2. We waited and I said the same thing but the evidence is out and he's a sicko. Defamation is out of the question the Times has attorneys and editiors that make sure they are not sued and they have credible sources. Thats how journalism works. Also, you think a attorney would file a complaint with specific incidents without having evidence. I understand alot of people trusted this man and feel he could never do this, but accept it. He's S.O.L. and he deserves all he gets and more. Prison justice!!!!
    July 10, 2012 3:41 pm on Girl sues Crown Point schools, former teacher for sexual harassment, related actions

  3. Some of you are just wonderful. Let's do this. Why did Crutchfield leave his last job before CP? He resigned correct? So now to CP, there is evidence he made a sexual pass at a student. I don't care what the law states, in my book 18 and under is a minor. He used a school computer to send an email and sent text of full frontal and sexual invitations, right? This is all fact not opinion. The Times would never print this nor would the attorney lie about these. He then is escorted out of school and later resigns. So last two schools he resigned his position, kind of odd. CP school officials were informed of this and did nothing. Head Principal resigns next, huh kind of sounds like Penn State. And to those who say this girl fabricated this or had a bad reputation how dare you. She's a child and he's an adult. If she did something out of hand he should have reported it. All these people who say there's no criminal charges are just as crazy as the lawmakers that allow the age to be 16 for consent. Really, why can't the man find a woman his own age to send pictures and dirty texts to? Cause he's a pedophile and they have a disease that attracts them to children. Finally since we are talking "word on the streets" rumors, word is he's already received a job in Florida. What will it take a rape or a sexual assault for people to see this man can't be around children. Can't wait to forward these articles to his new school corporation, to hopefully prevent this from happening? Just cause your children that were students of his or players did not experience this, someone’s child did and how many more that haven’t come forward did this happen too as well. This poor girl and her family will live with this forever. Show some respect.
    July 10, 2012 3:32 pm on Girl sues Crown Point schools, former teacher for sexual harassment, related actions
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