what valves are used for in piping, every system has them. Plus it creates jobs for people operators fitters carpenters helpers laborers welders, and valves do fail all the time they come out bad from manufacturing but thats y there is more than one valve on a system. you have your control valves for flow block valves for isolation and check valves to prevent back flow. usually you have double block and bleeds to isolate and repair pipes if need be. so valves arent all bad
    November 01, 2012 9:21 pm on GOP candidate vows to be full-time surveyor
  2. thanks I have been just looking through some of the articles about the two and just the stuff Eric is quoted saying is he actually believes it, and with him being bp and me being a contractor hes right no if ands or buts i dont have to deal with him anymore gladly. Thanks GVT for breeding west nile in griffith too by the way haha that is the stupid stuff* he believes so it doesnt suprise me he cuts corners with is own work on his campaign sounds like romney stating negatives and saying he can fix everything but when asked how they respond with what the opositoin has done wrong its all BS but all i know that man does not need to be lake county surveyor
    October 31, 2012 7:02 pm on Surveyor candidates make more waves
  3. WOW typical commodore, im not trying to smear "Mr. Krieg", just my opinion from working with the man, but you must sit in the trailer as well because as safety is PREACHED out at the refinery its not always practiced, but again its hard to get hurt at the computer and the worst ones are BP maintence personal with disregard for safety. Again with safety safety safety its all bullshit, i do my best to work and work safe everyday but there are so much cover ups at BP its a joke. We as contractors are lucky no one has died yet its coming tho, hope its not me. Whatever happend with the two men burnt at the CFU havent heard anything about that, how about the pipefitter burned on old 12 still by 3000 gallons of hot condensate do to BP ops, how bout the shady releases out of the refinery at night so the EPA can't see as much, also bp personal lowering a bandsaw down with a rope and cuts hits partners finger off from tieing it around the trigger as he lowered it. You being a mechanical engineer you must know all this being out in the field all the time im sure you are. Again with safety you do so much out there to sweep any incident under the rug to not have recordables and lost time but that falls on the contractors too not just BP. Im glad your so knowlegdeable with BP's bull good for you but your just like eric who has no idea what goes on just protect the company and their employees because we all know BP loves to point the finger at anybody but themselves. But IMO He is a moron so you can laugh all you want at me i know who ill be voting for.... again buyer beware.
    October 31, 2012 6:53 pm on Surveyor candidates make more waves
  4. I dont know how to start off, but eric krieg is a moron. I am an outside contractor at bp and have worked personally with eric. First things first he is very lazy, he would have us try to cut corners to get things to work or fit or whatever was easiest for him. He not come out of his office to the field to look at things unless he had to even when he would he didnt want to be there so he would do whatever was fastest so he can get out of there. He is a very arrogant person. He might have a degree but he is very uneducated, but everyone can vote and put who they want in there but buyer beware.
    October 30, 2012 9:03 pm on Surveyor candidates make more waves
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