1. I just created an "account" so I could weigh in on what I am reading here. On one hand, I am in utter disbelief on the comments I am reading here. But on the other, I am reminded that there are ignorant, self absorbed self righteous people everywhere with nothing in their life better to do than to display their complete lack of anything at all resembling compassion, wisdom, prudence , humanity or the notion to keep their pin headed comments to themselves. A family has lost a son. Memories if this young mans short life are no doubt running through this family like lightening, thoughts of utter cold emptiness, unimaginable loss, complete inability to grasp this sudden and forever life altering event. Their lives will never be the same. Talk of "responsibility", if there is any at all in this tragedy, should be kept to yourselves Shame on you! Were you there? Did you watch this horrific event? Who do you think you are? Things like this happen in this fallen world, it may come as a surprise to you but you have nothing to contribute here. God forbid you should find yourselves in this family's, or the driver of the truck's position. Don't you think that anybody involved directly or indirectly would gladly lay down their life to bring him back? And shame on this rag for even allowing "comments" to posted on an article such as this. Exploitation of this tragedy makes me sick.
    May 18, 2012 9:02 am on Sheriff's department mourning officer killed in Wednesday crash
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