1. To those who are happy to see pd officers leave you are not losing the bad ones, your losing the good ones. How many of you citizens have called to make a police report and they talked you out of it, (those are your lazy ones) get rid of them and I applaud the ones who are still there trying to make a difference. Hey Mayor you stated you wanted the citizens to be aware of the crime that goes on in our city are you releasing all the info to the Hammond times and post tribune when they show up to the front window of police station? Are they aware of all the stolen vehicles,burglaries,assaults,criminal mischief,theft etc etc. Hey Mayor where is the 30 thsd dollar grant money that was supposed to be for police officers training did you take it and put in the general fund? Whats that fund for? You wonder why the moral is down within your police dept. they are under appreciated, under paid,no pay raise in over 8yrs. how about the favoritism you show. Hey Mayor do you want to know who the lazy officers are? Look at the ones sucking up to you. Police and politics don't mix. haven't you figured that out yet. How about Juda Parks etc etc.? It appears that a police officer has to get in trouble in order to get a better position. How about the prompt amb service the ink was dry before superior had a chance to put bid in. How much is in your pocket for that one. Cut corners in your consultants that we don't need. By the way how much do you make or should I say how many checks do you clear? I wonder what you claimed on your taxes,is that public record?.
    January 07, 2013 10:01 am on E.C. police, fire upset with new salary ordinance
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